Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Practicing Thankfulness

You'd think that being thankful would come easy as adults.We're taught from childhood to say it.

Receive a glass of milk. "Thank you."

Open a present. "Thank you."

Someone holds a door. "Thank you."

Why is it that a genuine heart of thankfulness isn't as easy to come by?

To practice thankfulness this year, I've started on a 365 day photo project. Each day, I'm on a hunt for something tangible I can be thankful for that I can snap a photo of and post on Facebook.

The items themselves aren't extraordinary, but the process of looking - every single day - is teaching my hard heart to be softened to God's daily gifts. His abundant blessings.

And that's the key. I'm not just thankful to a big world for all the fun things around me. I'm thankful because of the cross.

I've been forgiven by Jesus, so all of life's blessings are gravy on an already overly-blessed life. I deserved wrath, I've been given grace. I deserved eternal judgement, but I've been given eternal life.

As I capture things like my tooth brush and clean water, I'm giving an offering of thanksgiving to our Great God, the Gracious Giver.

It takes practice, and I'm hoping this little exercise will help me on the way.

What about you? Am I alone in allowing the days to pass in a blur without thanking Him for... everything?

 Day 9: I am His!
Day 14: God's Acrylic Painting in the Sky
Day 26: My Pop's incredible patience, 
as demonstrated in teaching little man to play ski ball.
Day 36: My toothbrush! 
If I was stuck on a deserted island 
and could only bring one thing, 
this would be it. I'm not awake until I've brushed my teeth.
Day 40: Green Smoothies. 

My son may not eat his vegetables, 
but he's learning to drink them.

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