Friday, December 7, 2012

Coffee and Sweat Pants

It's supposed to be Foto Friday or Five Minute Friday, but it's just going to be Becky's Ramblings Friday. Is that ok?

It's been a busy week in our house, with our Christmas Musical for church this weekend. The girls are dancing and I'm acting. And today - nothing but a cup of coffee and sweat pants.

The kids have been inspired by their friends who make Happy Family You Tube Videos, so I dusted off the video camera and they are setting up their Barbies for the big show.

I am making a portfolio for Lee's Construction Company, and I've been going through old pics, trying to locate all of his before/after shots. (Not an easy task). And of course going through old files has taken me down memory lane tangents.

Now, I'm blogging as I print out my favorite Sugar Cookie recipe. It's delicious. You've got to try it. I can't wait to smell them baking this afternoon!

We were going to go to a neighbor's party tonight, but I lost the invitation. I called to RSVP, only to find out it's tomorrow night. Oops.

So that's my day. I hope your weekend is full of GRACE and memories!



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