Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'll probably get cancer

Thoughtful Thursdays

I’ve decided I’m probably going to get cancer.

I'm not wanting to sound insensitive to those fighting the battle, but as I think about everything in life, it just seems like it's inevitable.

My non-stick pots are starting to chip, and looking into their replacements has sent me on this path of cancer causing items.

For example, they say that fast foods and chemically processed foods cause cancer.

Ok, I could stop eating those for the most part.

But what about,

·         The vegetables I eat. They may provide needed nutrients, but they cause cancer.
·         The meats I eat may give me protein, but they cause cancer.
·         The products I use on my lawn keep the weeds out, but they cause cancer.
·         The sprays I use in my garden keep away the mold and bugs, but they cause cancer.

So I suppose I could go all organic and free range with my food and lawn. Eat “clean” and pray harder against bugs.

But what about…

·         The sugar I consume. It creates a breeding ground for cancer.
·         My improperly made coffee causes cancer.
·         The wheat and grains I eat may provide fiber, but they cause cancer.
·         The dairy products I eat may give me calcium, but they cause cancer.

The “best” choice would be to go sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and buy expensive coffee – and drink it black.

But even then…

·         The pots and pans I use cause cancer.
·         The plastic I drink my water out of – though helping me hydrate - causes cancer.
·         The plates we eat off of cause cancer.
·         Grilled food causes cancer.

Ok, I could spend some money and replace those with safer alternatives, based on what is deemed safe today.

But what about…

·         My deodorant and makeup and shampoo and toothpaste and household cleaning products – they cause cancer.

I could go all-natural, using oils and minerals and baking soda and the like. And do I need to wear makeup? Really?

But sun exposure itself causes cancer, and so does sunscreen that was created to protect me. I guess that means I need to stay inside all the time. Oh wait, what about needing vitamin D or else I might -- get cancer?

In the end, though, when I get down to it,

·         My cell phone causes cancer. I’m not getting rid of my cell phone.
·         My microwave causes cancer. I’m not getting rid of my microwave.
·         Second hand smoke causes cancer. I can’t get away from all second hand smoke.
·         Pollution causes cancer. I can’t stop breathing, can I?
·         And medical treatment to fight or identify cancer… can cause cancer.


What to do?

I suppose I’ll just live how I want and resign myself to the fact that I’m probably going to die of cancer. Besides, if I worry about it too much… well, I hear that anxiety and stress can… you guessed it… cause cancer.

As to what pots and pans I'm going to buy? I still have no idea.


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