Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Bravely Saw Courageous, the Movie

I walked hesitantly into the movie theater last night. I skipped the popcorn, being way too stuffed from our dinner at Texas Road House to enjoy the buttery goodness. I think I had one too many roles with cinnamon butter, but they were so worth it!

We took our seats and the previews began. Still, I wasn't as excited as I had been when I went with friends to watch Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 (I was a HUGE Alias fan) or the new Star Trek Movie. I might even have been more excited to see Cars 2. But I wanted to support the film, so there I was, a little disappointed that the movie was $7.50 instead of $5 because I had gotten the details wrong.

The previews were nothing to speak of. (We think they usually say a lot for a movie.) My friend took out her kleenex packets, having been warned by her mom, and I just laughed. I was not in an emotional mood, and I was not planning on crying. It takes too much energy.

Then the film began. I was prepared for mediocre acting, but I knew I'd be proud of them for trying really hard. I was prepared for awkward pauses in the cinemetography that leave conversations dangling in a strange silence. I was prepared for a cliche storyline that tells men to be good fathers. I was prepared to hear the song, "Courageous," that's been playing constantly on K-Love.

I thought I was prepared. But I wasn't prepared at all.

The actors did a believable job, and within the first moments, I forgot that they weren't straight from the red carpet. The cinemetography was so excellent, I completely forgot to notice it. Now that says something huge!

And the story line... I couldn't wait to see who the writer was during the end credits. He wove a tale so perfectly that included realistic characters you grow to love, scenarios that worked, drama that was relatable, humor that had the whole room laughing multiple times, and he included a message that came across clearly without being over the top.

This was a movie with top-notch acting, fimmaking, story-line, AND message, all in one! I have never been more proud!

We walked out the theater hand in hand, and my husband's first words were, "Wow, convicting." He's only cried two times in his adult life, so there were no tears from him, but he did get emotional, and when speaking about one particular scene, he said, "Yeah, now, that just wasn't fair!" Meaning, it almost drew a tear!

So yes, bring your kleenex. I had to borrow a few from my friend. And it's ok to keep your expectations low, but prepare to be challenged. As they said, we all might be good enough parents. But that's not good enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wow the trailer teared me up! Thanks for sharing. I have not heard about this movie until now.