Thursday, November 18, 2010

Multipication - Check!

I started using Times Tales with my 9 year old this week, and my goodness, it's better than I could have imagined! She proudly was able to shout out times facts at the dinner table tonight! All without tears and endless drill. She actually asked, "Mom, do I get to do my math today?" And when it was time to review and put it away, she was disappointed. Later, she said, "Where are my math cards? I want to do it again!"

Is she some whiz kid? Hardly. She's brilliantly creative and artistic, but reading, math, and spelling are all toughies for her. So when I heard about this Times Tales Mnemonic program years and years ago, I said that when we got to it, this was how she was going to learn!

Haven't heard of it? My friend Dena is one of the founders! Check it out! Times Tales

Now if only they'd make one for addition facts. We're still a little rusty on those! You can't win them all...

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