Thursday, May 27, 2010

Temporary Home

Our family recently had the privilege of having two extra girls in our home for a couple of months through Safe Families. It was an amazing experience! 6 year old T and 4 year old H moved into the guest room. Their mom had recently had a baby and was looking for a new home. While with us, we learned so many amazing lessons:

1.) I learned to value my own children. Though it was fun having two extra children in the house, I realized that having "only" four kids is so much simpler! They understand our routine, can entertain themselves, and give me some time to do creative things I love - like blogging! So now that the other girls are gone, you'll hear a lot less complaining out of me.
2.) My children learned to value what they have. Being faced with praying for two little girls who didn't have a home was a reality check to the blessings we are surrounded by daily.
3.) We all learned to be a little less selfish. Anytime you have to go out of your way to share - your time, money, toys, food - it stretches you. We were stretched, but we're better for it.

Not to mention the amount of help it gave to the family we housed. I was able to give some one-on-one tutoring time with T to catch her up on her reading level. We were a safe place for them to go when they had no other options. We also developed a relationship and were able to help with housing and the move.

When it was time for the girls to leave, T said, "I know why I don't want to leave you guys. You teach me about Jesus!" Precious!

It was a perspective-changing situation for our family. Please consider looking into it, or at least having a conversation about it. What is simply a week or a month in the life of your family means the world to someone in need.

This music video is awesome... Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

this is the kind of service to others I hope our Small Group will embrace more and more. -Joshua

Anonymous said...

Awesome! How encouraging to see the harder path, the bumpier road chosen for the sake of someone else, for the sake of Christ. -Jo

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It's encouraging to see one take the hard path, the bumpier road for the sake of another, for the sake of Christ. -Jo