Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bed Who Ran Away

I read the kids a story tonight about a Little White Bed. Its little boy complained that he didn't want to sleep in it anymore, he wanted to stay up all night, so the bed felt sad and ran away. The little boy had to sleep on the cold floor and was very afraid.

As I was telling the story (very slowly and dramatically, by the way) Nathan's eyes welled up with tears and he buried his head into my shoulder. We asked him to look up, and when he did, he was all out crying! He struggled to say, "The little bed felt so sad and he was gone!"

I had to stifle my laughter and compassionately explain, "Don't worry, he comes back!" This produced a slight smile in between little sobs, and he listened to the end of the story. Whew!

And speaking of Nathan, this boy can eat! He was recently seen eating 5 chicken legs for dinner. Tonight, he ate 8 chicken nuggets and two large pieces of pizza. (Don't comment about the healthy factor... I was tired!) In the mornings, he'll eat two packets of oat meal and then an hour later a couple of bowls of cereal. Don't even get me started about how much sausage or bacon he wants to devour if given the chance.

What am I going to do when he's a teenager?

But I won't worry about that now. I will choose to remain in the present, fully thankful for this adorable, polite, kind, hard-working boy who still cries over a sad story about a dejected bed.

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Hi Becky

Just came across your tale about your son and "the little white bed that ran away." I am 75 years old (born 1937) and have vivid memories of my mother reading that book to me when I was very, very young as the tears ran plentifully down my cheeks - likely one of my earliest memories. I hope you and your son will have long and special memories of this wonderful time in both of your lives.
Fred Hofheinz
Indianapolis, Indiana