Tuesday, January 5, 2010


And the topic for the day is: silence. How did I get that topic? I typed "And the topic for the day is" and then sat in silence at my keyboard for at least 10 seconds, which seemed a lot longer, thinking of a topic. Ok, I'm going to sit at my keyboard in silence for a whole minute. Ready, (wait, need to get my computer clock visible.) Go...


Wow, that was nice, really. I don't think I had a minute of silence all day. With the kids, telephone, keyboard clacking, new Wii exercise program (EA Sports - I love it!), dishwasher, sink, sizzle of pork chops browning, car engine & radio... one minute of silence didn't happen.

Even during my "quiet" time, I was reading the Bible, turning the pages, writing in my journal... nothing was still or quiet.

Just one minute. I need to do that more. Maybe I should do "quiet training exercises" where 1 minute turns to 2, then 3...

But I think I'll want something to think about during these quiet times, because I like this quote, "Your mind is a little thing. Don't let it wander off by itself."

Ok, enough for now. Go enjoy a minute of silence.

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