Saturday, November 21, 2009

Home School in Pictures

There are many advantages to home schooling, such as...

Career Day is an ongoing process.

My kids are friends with children of all different ages.

You can take a break and go to a commercial audition in the middle of the day. (Or take a nap)

Art class consists of the materials of your choice, and can last for hours.
Science occurs in your own backyard.

You can head outside for artistic inspiration.

PE is at the gym.. or the upstairs hallway.

Crisp fall afternoons are able to be enjoyed outside.

Field Trips and Parties include the moms... so it's a social event for kids and adults! :)
Home Economics takes place... get this... at home.

Pets are allowed and encouraged.

No dress code... unless you call wearing PJs a dress code.

The down side? Being at home more means you USE the home more... so it can be a bit of a wreck. But it's worth every minute of it!!! :)

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