Monday, October 26, 2009

Nathan's Whippin of Mass Instructions

Can you find all the word misunderstandings in this dialog that occurred today? :)

Nathan: Daddy, do you like this gun I made out of Tinker Toys?

Dad: Yes, Nate! You should go into the army and build weapons!


Nathan: Mom, I built a whippin. A Big, Giant Whippin. Watch it whip. (A lot of long flexible pieces put together in the shape of a whip…)

Mom: Wow, Nathan, that’s long.

Nathan: Do you think I was busy making this Whippin?

Mom: Why yes, you were.

Nathan: Daddy told me to make a Whippin.

Daddy: A Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Nathan: No, I made this with no instructions… There are no instructions with Tinker Toys.

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